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Account Manager

Your main point of contact who will be on call to answer any queries you may have and ensure that you are constantly kept up-to-date with all relevant information.


Your Affiliate payables calculated on the basis of the payment plans you have chosen and the player activity relevant to those plans.


An individual who markets one or more of the brands and earns revenue from real money players' generated revenue.

Affiliate Network

A partnership between partners, and you, the Affiliate. partners gives you revenue on referred players' and/or Sub-affiliates' revenue generation via our gaming brands.

Affiliate Tracking

The process of automatically tracking real money player activity to your Affiliate account via a unique Tracker ID or bonus code.



An electronic advertisement or billboard such as an animated GIF, Flash Movie or JPEG that advertises a product, service, or web site.


The commercial entity that gets paid the rewards for your activities as a partners Affiliate.

Bonus Code

Bonus code facilitates in tracking players to your affiliate account. We track your referred players' activity via a bonus code that is linked to a Tracker ID. If a player enters your bonus code at the time of registration, partners technology identifies your bonus code and the player gets automatically tracked to your affiliate account. This is the easiest and simplest way to promote especially if you are promoting via word-of-mouth.


A client program (software), such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, that is used to look at various kinds of internet resources.



The Cashier section shows how much you've earned and also you can cash out your payments in a convenient and simple manner. Commission amounts are directly transferred to the cashier account for payout.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

A partners payment option where you receive an up-front, one-off payment per RMP to any of the partners brands.


Datewise Report

A report where you can view your data by individual day, available in the Reporting Suite.


Deductions are made for Bonuses, chargebacks, refunds, and processing costs.

Deposit Bonus Code

The Player Management team regularly offers Deposit Bonus Codes to your existing referred players to stimulate new deposits and increase action at the tables.

Depositing Player or DP

A player who has made his first real money deposit with any of the brands is a depositing player.

Dynamic Tournament Feeds (RSS)'s continuously updated, dynamic tournament feed (in RSS or XML format) gives you the opportunity to keep your players informed about tournament timetables. It also encourages them to register for upcoming tournaments.



Feeds are mechanisms for users to receive updated data from data sources.


Gross Revenue

The sum total of all players' contribution to all rakes with which they are involved less Bonuses, Chargebacks, Refunds, and Processing Costs.



Refers to the lines of code that an Affiliate places on their web page(s) to create links to the website of one of partners' brands.

HTML Mailer

Promotional emails that Affiliates can send to potential or existing referred players to encourage them to register or play more at



How many times a page or banner advertisement was displayed or viewed.


Kick Start

The Kick Start facility enables you to start earning payments by encouraging your friends and colleagues to play at



Real money player-generated revenue.

Marketing Materials

Everything you need to support your marketing campaigns is available in the Marketing Materials section. Our brand-new ad material communicates our sponsorships, covering all main events, bonuses and promotions in Sports, Poker and Casino in many different sizes.

Master Affiliate

You become a Master Affiliate when you set up a Sub-affiliate network.

Monthly Statement

A monthly summary of all your partners accruals that you can print and keep for your records. This summary is part of in the Reports section.

My Account

Managing your partners account is easy from the My Account section.From here you can update your details and change your password. You can also choose a secret question for use in the event you forget your password.


Payment Plans

The financial reward that partners pays to you for any referred player revenue that you generate via the brands.

Play for Free Player (PFF)

A player who has not yet made a Real Money Deposit.

Player Incentive Sign-up bonus

This is a special introductory offer designed to encourage potential new players to register and start playing.



A player who has signed up with a brand and made at least one Real Money Deposit.

Report Summary

An overview of your data available for yesterday, last week, the month to date, and for the last calendar month. The report summary is available in the Reports section.


Reports offer a reliable and effective means of monitoring the revenue you are generating.

Revenue Share

Earn a percentage of the revenue generated by all the players you refer



A Sub-affiliate is a person you recommend and register as a partners Affiliate. When she or he starts referring new RMPs, you will start earning additional payments. Sub-affiliates receive the same benefits as normal Affiliates. Plus, as a Master Webmaster (MWM), you will be able to view their activity and revenue generation in a dedicated Sub-affiliate report available on the Sub Affiliate home page.

Sub-affiliate Summary

A summary of the performance of your Sub-affiliate network, available on the Sub Affiliate home page.



The total number of Accounts opened. Some of these players could have made a deposit and become RMP.

Tracker ID

If you are promoting our brands online (for example, on a website, email database, etc.), we will track your referred players via a Tracker ID. When you register as a partners Affiliate, a unique Tracker ID is automatically created for you. This will ensure that all your referred player and Sub-affiliate activity is tracked to you. This enables us to produce accurate revenue calculations.

Tracker ID and Bonus Code Generator

Where you create your new Tracker IDs and bonus codes, available on the Trackers section.

Tracker ID and Bonus Code Report

An overview of your Tracker ID and bonus code activity, available on the Trackers section.


The partners Affiliate program uses unique tracker IDs to track your activity. These trackers keep track the activity of all real and play money players that you send to our brands.

Tracking Method

The way in which partners tracks your referred player activity to your Affiliate account, thereby allowing us to produce accurate accruals.


Unique Clicks

A metric in Affiliate reportings, this value is the number of distinct users who have visited your Affiliate link. Unique clicks are typically tracked by recording the IP address and browser header.


Affiliate who referred you to the program or the Affiliate who referred him/her. Your upline can be traced up through the program hierarchy across any number of levels, although most of your contact will be with the Affiliate immediately above you.


Referred player.

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